The Pink City – Jaipur, India

Nicknamed “The Pink City” due to the pink color scheme used all over town, Jaipur is a feast for eyes and didn’t lack any options to satisfy my wanderlust heart. These are some of my favorite experiences while visiting Jaipur.

Jawahar Circle

Located near Jaipur Airport is the Jawahar Circle Garden. This is known as the largest circle garden in Asia. The entrance is what intrigues most. Named The Patrika Gate, it has been labeled as the 9th gate of the city. Inside are vibrant and traditional hand painted pillars, each with their own story.

Amer Fort

Arguably the most popular place to visit in Jaipur is this famous fort. Located about 7 miles outside the city, Amer (sometimes called Amber) Fort was built in the 16th century with stunning red cobblestone and marble. I felt like a little kid again in my imaginary dream fort, except this time it was real! Also, if you come early enough you can ride a beautifully decorated elephant to the entrance. The entrance fee for tourist is 200 Rupees. (just under $3 USD)

Check out Amer Forts full history here:

Galta Ji Jaipur- Monkey Temple

I really loved exploring this Hindu temple. It is centered around a natural spring that creates several pools. Many people claim it is holy water and come to bathe their sins away. This is also home to hundreds of monkeys. There are two types. From my personal experience I separate them into two categories; the nice ones and the mean ones. The “nice” ones are called macaque monkeys. If you have food in your hands they are not shy to grab it, jump on you, or even crawl on your head. As long as you don’t freak out, they won’t freak out. They are very friendly, and if you’re anything like me you welcome to little guys to use you as a jungle gym.

The Langurs however, are not seen as often but if you come across one, be careful. These monkeys are grey with black faces. They look very different from the macaques. Word of advice; only hand it food and try not to show teeth. It will not jump on you, but will grab the food. I was feeding one and started laughing (assuming because he thought I was showing aggression) it hissed and lunged at me. Luckily, I hired a guide that knows the monkeys well and he saved me from the potential attack. This did not ruin my time there. I still had a wonderful experience and will always love playing with monkeys.

Play with Elephants

I have always wanted to ride and play with elephants and I finally got to check that off my list in Jaipur. There are many places that claim to be elephant sanctuaries so be careful when choosing where to go. I actually went to several locations before deciding on Elephanjoy. You can see in the elephants eyes which locations treat them well and which sadly, do not. So use your best judgment, research, and follow your gut feeling when choosing which company to use. I got to ride, feed, and play with Maria. A 28 year old female elephant that was full of life and so sweet. It was such an awesome experience getting to ride this gorgeous animal solo and bareback. It truly felt like a bonding experience.

Johri Bazaar Market

You can’t visit Jaipur without checking out the clothing markets. Johri Bazaar is the one I visited. Located in the city center, you can find a huge assortment of anything clothing related. You name it, you can find it here! This market is full of bright colors with no shortage of traditional Indian options for your shopping indulgences.

Birla Mandir Temple

This temple is made with pure white marble. No shoes or photos are allowed inside and it is free to enter. The columns and walls are covered with beautifully sculpted Hindu Gods and Goddesses. It’s a stunning sight to see. Lucky for me, I had a friend in Jaipur that brought me here. I love what a small world it is!

Jaipur has something for everyone. Between the markets, architecture, and animals, you are sure to enjoy yourself. I also need to mention how great the people are. Everyone is really friendly and eager to help however they can.

I will leave you with this video. The traffic is very crazy in Jaipur, so my guide has some words of advice…

Until next time, Jaipur… <3