A Summer Weekend in Park City, Utah

Park City, Utah is gorgeous all year-round and theres no shortage of adventure no matter what time of year you visit.  When I picture a mountain town I envision snow and skiers but as I’ve learned, the mountains aren’t just for winter fun…


I was lucky enough to bring a friend along on a work trip to Park City, Utah. And, boy did we had a weekend full of adventures. I would recommend all these activities for anyone looking for a great weekend that’s sure to create memories that will last a lifetime.


Olympic Park

This place is a “big kids” dream come true. With so many things to do, there is something for everyone here. The “Gold Pass” ($75 adults $50 youth) allows you to ride as much as you like all day. (bobsledding is separate) Buy your tickets online and get 10% off by clicking here.

Extreme Tubing

This was an absolute blast! Here you ride down an Olympic ski jump! There are two “levels” the K-64 (the small hill) and the K-90 (the big hill). It is required you slide down the smaller one first so you can get a feel for it and be sure you’re ready for the big one! Reaching speeds up to 55 mph, this is a must-do on your Park City list.

Zip line

Zip lining over this historic park not only gives you a shot of adrenaline it also offers the best view of the entire park. Grab your friend and race down the mountain!

Ski Jump Slide

The flips and tricks goes on all year long in Park City. If it’s not in snow, its down a ski slide into a pool…

Note: We didn’t get a chance to bobsled on this trip, but the experience is offered here. If I have the chance to visit again, you bet I will be signing up for it!


Park City Mountain Village 

The adventures continue at Park City Mountain Village. Buy a day pass ($72) and you get to do all the fun activities including rides on the scenic ski lift.


Park City Alpine Coaster 

This is Utahs largest alpine coaster! You can control the speed (up to 30mph) that doesn’t sound fast, but trust me, it feels MUCH faster. It’s also over a mile long so the ride is not only for thrills, but for scenic views as well. P.S If I knew I was going to post this on a blog, I would’ve gone without the cat ears, but it’s the only video I took of the coaster.

Alpine Slide

There are three slide options to go down. Each one is super fun and different. You sit on a cart with wheels and there is a handle built in that is used to control yourself down the hill. This also happens to be one of the longest alpine slides in the world.


Another day, another zip line! Although it’s considered a “kids zip line” we still had just as much fun as any kid would riding!

Stewart Falls

Hike this gorgeous trail up to a stunning waterfall. Located about 35 miles outside Park City this hike is known as one of the most scenic in all of northern Utah.


Hike up Stewart Falls

Stewart Falls is the perfect hike for anybody. It is a relatively easy hike as it is only about 3.5 miles round-trip and simple to navigate. The entire way up is extremely scenic and the work to get there is well worth the view once you arrive to the waterfall. Take a snack and find a rock to sit on once you’ve reached the waterfall and enjoy nature at its finest.


This Utah trip was one for the books. Not only is it great to escape the Texas heat, there is adventure at even corner. Summer time Park City sure gives winter time Park City a run for its money.